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Tina Kingsbury LLB,
Family Solicitor and Mediator

  • I am a specialist family law Solicitor, collaboratively trained, a member of Resolution and family mediator.
  • You will be given solid, jargon free, advice.
  • You will be offered affordable hourly rates or fixed fees.
  • You can arrange an appointment to suit you.  Including weekends or evenings within the Colchester, Ipswich, Clacton and surrounding areas.
  • The first no-obligation half-hour appointment is free of charge.
  • Your matter will be dealt with as quickly, efficiently and painlessly as possible.

Divorce and dissolution of Civil Partnerships

Going through a Divorce/Dissolution of a Civil Partnership can be one of the most stressful times of your life.  It is important to choose a solicitor who understands and I can offer you advice and guidance to help you through this difficult time. 

To apply for a divorce/dissolution you need to have been married for at least one year.  The ground for divorce is irretrievable breakdown based on one of five facts:

     Adultery (not for dissolution of Civil Partnerships

     Unreasonable behaviour

     Two years separation with both parties consent

     Five years separation - no consent is needed

     Two years desertion

If you are thinking of a divorce/dissolution or being divorced and would like some help and advice please contact me. 

"I understand the emotional and financial impact a divorce can have based on personal experience"


"I was very impressed with the high standard of service provided and I would not hesitate in recommending Tina Kingsbury.  I was always kept informed of how my case was progressing at every stage.  Everything was explained clearly so that I could understand what was going on and I found Tina to be extremely supportive, helpful and understanding." - NM


If you are separating parents, whether you are married or not, or even if you are parents who have never lived together as a family, there may be issues relating to your children that need to be resolved.

For example, where the children will live, how much time they spend with each parent or welfare issues such as which school the children will attend, or whether they should receive medical treatment etc.

You may be a grandparent who is having difficulty in seeing your grandchildren.

Issues can arise at any time throughout childhood and it is important that these matters are handled sensitively. 

In the majority of cases disputes can be resolved in an amicable way.

If you need help and advice please call me.

"Do not ask your children who they would like to live with".


"I have fed-back to the refuge how very professional, accommodating, genuine and trustworthy, sensitive, efficient and empowering you have been in regards to my case so far, and have requested they put your name forward in the first instance to anybody in a similar situation as me.

It's inevitable that emotions become involved in these situations and it has meant a great deal to me to know that someone is treating me with respect, good faith and trust in this situation." - CN


One of the most worrying aspects at the end of a marriage or civil partnership is what is going to happen with your finances and how you will cope in the future.

Negotiating a financial outcome can be complex and requires skill and experience. 

Most financial settlements can be agreed by negotiating the matter yourselves, or through a solicitor or mediation.

If an agreement cannot be reached, the matter may have to be resolved in court which can be expensive and lead to an outcome that neither party are happy with.

Once an agreement has been reached this can be incorporated into a legally binding consent order.

If you require any assistance please call me.

"I understand the financial impact a divorce can have based on personal experience"

Pre-nuptial agreements

When marriages and civil partnerships come to an end, you can be left making major decisions about your future and finances at an emotional and difficult time.

Prenuptial agreements allow you to reach an agreement before the marriage takes.

Prenuptial agreements are not legally binding but they are increasingly recognised by the Court.

A prenuptial agreement is more likely to be upheld if it is reasonable, full financial disclosure has been given,  you have both received independent legal advice and you have

entered into it several months before the wedding/civil partnership.

It is also more likely to be upheld if re-visited after the marriage to take into account any change in circumstances i.e. the birth of children.

If you would like more information on Prenuptial Agreements please call me.

Living together agreement

More couples are living together than ever before and at present there is little legislation in place when a couple separates. This can lead to disputes of ownership of property and assets.

A co-habitation agreement is a document that is intended to be legally binding upon both of you. You can decide, at the beginning of your relationship, who will keep specific assets and what will happen to jointly purchased assets, making matters clearer and less painful should your relationship breakdown.

If you would like more information on Prenuptial Agreements please call me.

"Planning for the worst at the outset can save a lot of money and heartache should your relationship breakdown"

Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse not only means physical violence but includes emotional, financial and sexual abuse.

If you are subject to domestic abuse you should seek advice immediately in order to keep yourself, and any children you may have, safe.

An Application to the Court can be made in many circumstances for a non-molestation order and/or an occupation order (injunctions). A non-molestation order can be obtained on an emergency basis and used to prevent physical violence, intimidation, pestering and harassment.  An Occupation Order can be obtained to remove the abuser from the home where you are living.

I have extensive knowledge of domestic abuse from working closely with local refuges. You do not have to stay in an abusive relationship. Help is out there.  

If you are a victim or potential victim of honour abuse or forced marriage call this free confidential number 0207 008 0230.

If you are suffering from domestic abuse whether you are female or male please contact me so that you can get the correct advice and help.

National Domestic Abuse Helpline :
Freephone 0808 2000 247


"Tina has worked with staff and clients at LWA for many years providing free legal advice on a regular basis to Women that have or are experiencing Domestic abuse. This is a crucial service for us, and of significant value to our organisation, enabling us to offer accurate information and guidance to the women we support " - NP

"You do not need to suffer, help is out there",


Mediation is a way of helping couples to resolve issues in order to bring relationships to an amicable conclusion.

Mediation can also help couples who want to marry, enter into a civil partnership or live together to decide how matters will be resolved should their relationship break down.

Mediation is confidential, voluntary and offers a safe environment to discuss ideas and possible solutions.

For more information please call me.

"A mediator is impartial and will not take sides."

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